25# My Monthly Financial Independence Update

12-month rolling expenses: 100.000 DKK (16.000 $)

My Coast FIRE number: 5.566.000 DKK (907.000 $) or 56 years of living expenses.

Coast FIRE Number is Dropping

Even though I’m nearing a new high in my networth, my Coast FIRE number is dropping. In June 2019 my Coast FIRE number is higher than it is today. Even though my net worth is higher.

Can you guess why? I’m getting older.

In October I turned 30 years old. Which means that I have one year less to let my portfolio compound. I calculate my Coast FIRE number of what my net worth will be when I’m 65 years old, with an annual return of 7 %.

This is a real-life example of why it is super important to start early.

Back to Work

Since I got home from my Mini Retirement in Asia in March 2019. I have been living on my boat, and couch surfing.

But I have concluded that I won’t be going back to Asia to finished what I have started.

There will be a couple of months more with couch surfing, but from January 2021 I’m going back to the office as a building constructor, which I look forward to. It is tough to be in a waiting position.

Mini Meet-Up in Copenhagen

I have been waiting for this pandemic to stop. So I could invite you to a big FIRE meetup. But it looks like that too will last a bit longer than what we like.

That is why I have decided to make a Mini Meetup the 11/12 at 19:00.

We will be grabbing a pizza somewhere in Copenhagen, and maybe drinking a beer afterward.

Write or text me at Loui@wannabewalden.com or at +4571792322 if you want to participate. Looking forward to meeting you!

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