26# My Monthly Financial Independence Update

12-month rolling expenses: 99.000 DKK (16.000 $)

My Coast FIRE number: 5.787.000 DKK (956.000 $) or 56 years of living expenses.

New Time High!!!

It has taken me 12 months to get a new time high in my networth.

And that has happened without a job. I have been on welfare (A-kasse) since I got back home from the Philippines.

542.000 DKK is the new record.

Mini Retirement is Over

My mini-retirement has been 20 months rollercoaster ride. It has been the most awesome and most frustrating period of my life.

The highest highs and lowest lows.

Sailing and living in South East Asia was the bomb, but I missed people from back home.

The coronavirus made me go home way too early, and it has been the most boring period of my life. Waiting here in Denmark to see if everything would go back to normal so I could leave again has not been a pleasure.

But I have decided to move on, and that is why I’m fortunate to find myself a new job, so I can continue where I left with my FIRE journey.

New Instagram Account

@Wannabewalden is now on Instagram!

I thought it would be fun to make more frequent posts with some fun and educational stuff there. 

Check it out. I think you will like it! 😉

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