Spending Is Riskier Than Investing

When people hear that I invest more than 50 % of my salary they instantly say something like this: “Wow! That sounds risky. What if you lost all of the money?!” The Binary Money Broad speaking, there are two things we can do with our money: Spend them Save or invest them Firstly, spending our money is … Continue reading “Spending Is Riskier Than Investing”

No More Monthly Updates (But It’s Getting Better)

The other day I stumbled across this awesome blog. And they made me want to give this site a little brush-up. Loved Coast FIRE, But No Plan I think that Money Flamingo has found a sweet spot between financial independence, life, and work.  You can boil their plan down to four simple steps: Work full time, and get to … Continue reading “No More Monthly Updates (But It’s Getting Better)”

Is Now the Right Time to Invest??

“Is now the right time to invest Loui?”. That is the question I hear the most when people start to invest.  And for a good reason.  This article will show you the very basics of market timing.  And is inspired from this article. It will show that the answer for when the best time to … Continue reading “Is Now the Right Time to Invest??”

My 5 Biggest Financial Mistakes

Fucking Up, Less This article is about how I could be financial independent today if I had been more wise about my money earlier in my life. I have always thought that to become wealthy you will need to start a successful company or invent something awesome.  It will be easier to become wealthy if … Continue reading “My 5 Biggest Financial Mistakes”

You Want to be Rich? Become a Craftsman

This will go against everything you know about becoming wealthy and your education choice. But if you are just about to leave school. And you don’t know what you want to be. Becoming a craftsman is superior if you want to be wealthy.  The normal advice would be to have one of the following educations … Continue reading “You Want to be Rich? Become a Craftsman”

Single Best Advice on How To Get Financial Independent, Answered by 14 FIRE Experts

Don’t take my word for it on how to reach financial independence? I have asked 12 people who are badass in this community for their best piece of advice. So without further ado. Here are 12 awesome answers! Jmoney.biz, J. Money Track your net worth! By far one of the best things I ever did with … Continue reading “Single Best Advice on How To Get Financial Independent, Answered by 14 FIRE Experts”

Minimalism and Quarantine. Weekend Reads

Being back in Denmark isn’t that bad at all. The weather is super awesome, and I’m on the countryside on an island called Langeland (I call it Long Island). There is a lot time to read and binge watch inspiring movies. Here are some handpicked articles and videos I have enjoyed the last couple of … Continue reading “Minimalism and Quarantine. Weekend Reads”

Set Your Kids on FIRE

I’m sitting here in a café in Cebu – Philippines. Trying to look cooperate in my beige wife beater. Sipping the least expensive coffee on the menu (1 $/cup). While I’m scrolling through the investment platform I use. I’m doing that because I need to open an investment account for my good friends new born … Continue reading “Set Your Kids on FIRE”