Single Best Advice on How To Get Financial Independent, Answered by 14 FIRE Experts

Don’t take my word for it on how to reach financial independence? I have asked 12 people who are badass in this community for their best piece of advice. So without further ado. Here are 12 awesome answers!, J. Money Track your net worth! By far one of the best things I ever did with … Continue reading “Single Best Advice on How To Get Financial Independent, Answered by 14 FIRE Experts”

Minimalism and Quarantine. Weekend Reads

Being back in Denmark isn’t that bad at all. The weather is super awesome, and I’m on the countryside on an island called Langeland (I call it Long Island). There is a lot time to read and binge watch inspiring movies. Here are some handpicked articles and videos I have enjoyed the last couple of … Continue reading “Minimalism and Quarantine. Weekend Reads”

Set Your Kids on FIRE

I’m sitting here in a café in Cebu – Philippines. Trying to look cooperate in my beige wife beater. Sipping the least expensive coffee on the menu (1 $/cup). While I’m scrolling through the investment platform I use. I’m doing that because I need to open an investment account for my good friends new born … Continue reading “Set Your Kids on FIRE”

School Project Video On FIRE

For a month ago I said yes to participate in two young boys school project about financial independence. I said yes, because I know how important the youth is. In every single rowing club I know, the future success of the clubs determines on how big (and good) of a youth department they have. All … Continue reading “School Project Video On FIRE”

How Random is The Stock Market?

How random is the stock market? Many say that they can predict the stock market. While others admit that they can’t and stick to a passively managed solution. (Hint: I’m one of the boring passive folks) I can’t help it, I keep study how investments works. And no matter how much I study the most … Continue reading “How Random is The Stock Market?”

Coast FIRE – Ever Heard of That?

The other day I learned a new term – Coast FIRE. The traditional way of chasing FIRE is to have all of your expenses covered by a passive income, often in a stock index fund. We know that in order to have enough for the rest of our lives, we need to have 20-25 times … Continue reading “Coast FIRE – Ever Heard of That?”

What If We Had Another 2008? (It will be fine)

As the avid reader might have read in my monthly FI updates. I write that I will reach my first big milestone of a 7 % withdrawal rate in about 3 years. I calculate this very simple. I divide my yearly spending 110.000 DKK (17.000 $) with 0,07 I look how big my portfolio is … Continue reading “What If We Had Another 2008? (It will be fine)”

Cut the Period You Reach FIRE in Half, Book Review

I have never read a book from cover to cover before I turned 21 years. But reading since then has change my life radical. Being able to learn from the best minds in this world is something I love. A book can be distilled knowledge from people who have researched a topic their entire life. … Continue reading “Cut the Period You Reach FIRE in Half, Book Review”

How Much Money Is Enough? Fuck the 4 % rule.

I often read blog posts on how people are retiring with 1.000.000 USD and then live off 40.000 USD/Year. Put it another way. They stick to the 4 % rule. There has been made a study called “The Trinity Study”. Which is often referred to in the FIRE community. They took a close look on … Continue reading “How Much Money Is Enough? Fuck the 4 % rule.”