Why Consuming Less is More Important Than Politics

The other day we had a election for a new government in Denmark. And I’m really pleased about the result. It turns out that we get a new socialist government, which I think is good because they are the ones who focus most on the environment. I voted for a party called Alternativet because they … Continue reading “Why Consuming Less is More Important Than Politics”

School Project Video On FIRE

For a month ago I said yes to participate in two young boys school project about financial independence. I said yes, because I know how important the youth is. In every single rowing club I know, the future success of the clubs determines on how big (and good) of a youth department they have. All … Continue reading “School Project Video On FIRE”

The Minimalistic Way of: Pancakes

It is time for Wannabe Walden to write about a less critical topic. And how about a “recipe” for the most delicious, yet super simple pancakes? I have learned this “recipe” from a friend of mine from my rowing club. And I have made them every single day since the first time I got them. … Continue reading “The Minimalistic Way of: Pancakes”

The Minimalistic Way of: Eating

I have decided to make a series of different articles with the topic of minimalism. They will be called “The Minimalistic Way of:” and then I will dive into different topics. This article is about how we can have a more minimalistic approach to our eating habits. We all know that eating three meals a day … Continue reading “The Minimalistic Way of: Eating”