How I Didn’t Loose 151.047 DKK (But What I Regret Not Doing)

It was early February in 2020. And I was living at the Flying Fish hostel in Cebu, Philippines. Life was good. I didn’t much other than:  Training Brazilian jiu-jitsu daily Preparing myself to be a skipper Dining and drinking with hostel friends I couldn’t complain. Leaving For France I have met my now girlfriend at … Continue reading “How I Didn’t Loose 151.047 DKK (But What I Regret Not Doing)”

Mini Retirement and Passive Income

I’m starting a new job in January 2021.  This means that my mini-retirement is coming to an end.  It has been 20 months of traveling, learning, frustrations, life-changing happenings, and experiences.  I thought I would never say this but I’m looking forward to having a normal 9-5 structure again.  The normal way to do a … Continue reading “Mini Retirement and Passive Income”

My Kakeibo Experiment, Part 1

Measuring our finances is one of the best habits we can develop.  And to be honest, I’m not very keen on it. Living in Asia for a couple of months is not necessarily that cheap. So when I couldn’t figure out where all of my money was going, I decided to start tracking it. When … Continue reading “My Kakeibo Experiment, Part 1”

Visiting Sardinia in My Mini Retirement

In Sardinia Prepping Boat The other day I travelled from Copenhagen to Sardinia with other crew members of the mOcean team. We went to Sardinia because they have a newly bought boat down here which is going to sail the atlantic ocean, and then the pacific ocean, in order to sail around with the boat … Continue reading “Visiting Sardinia in My Mini Retirement”