Mini Retirement and Passive Income

I’m starting a new job in January 2021. 

This means that my mini-retirement is coming to an end. 

It has been 20 months of traveling, learning, frustrations, life-changing happenings, and experiences. 

I thought I would never say this but I’m looking forward to having a normal 9-5 structure again. 

The normal way to do a Mini Retirement

In Denmark, it is quite normal to go for a sabbatical year or two, either before your studies or post your studies. 

While this seems like a convenient time to do so. It is the stupidest thing you can do.

Many will end up in debt by doing so, and it will give you a negative start on claiming your financial freedom later in life. 

Your first 100.000 $

The first 100.000 $ is a bitch, but you gotta do it.  

Charlie Munger

Do whatever it takes to get your fingers on the first 100.000 $ and then go for a mini-retirement. 

There are several reasons why this will help you: 

  1. You will earn money while traveling

If you leave your home country with 100.000 $ invested, chances are that you will come home richer than when you left. 

  1. It will give you flexibility

Do you remember the time where you got picked up in kindergarten by your parents, and the last thing you wanted to do was go home? That is exactly how a mini-retirement can be. 

You can stay away longer, or if a life-changing opportunity shows up, but requires either time or money then you can still do it. 

  1. A cushion when you come home 

Having 100.000 $ (or even 50) will give you a cushion to come home with no stress at all. You can take your time for job seeking and suck in all of the experiences you must have had. 

It can also make room for approaching a whole new career where you have your financials in check and ready to pursue your new career. 

How I did it 

I finished my building constructor studies in January 2016. For there I worked in two different companies for the next three years. 

Some of that period was part-time as a building constructor because I was rowing +15 hours a week. But I did earn about 1.000 $/month doing that, so there was close to no cut in my earnings.

For those three years, I saved and invested about 60 % of my earnings which was about 550.000 DKK. 

I got the opportunity to follow a dream by being a captain on a sailing boat for 10 months, which led me to the sailing school in Oure where I started in April 2019. 

I was 28 years with 550.000 DKK to my name before I went for my sabbatical years (aka mini-retirement). 

There was a misunderstanding between the owner of the boat and me, because of that I had to live in the Philippines for two months on my own. 

With all the money invested, I could make a quick trip to France to visit my girlfriend. 

The two months of living in the Philippines and my trip to France cost me about 40.000 DKK. 

Even with selling shares worth 40.000 DKK, my portfolio still made me 113.000 DKK.

That only happens because I have worked three years before I left. 

Coast FIRE and Mini Retirements

What do you want the most? 

  1. A sabbatical year or two once in your life, or.
  2. A mini-retirement every three years for the rest of your life?

My 12 months of sailing cost me less than 50.000 DKK.

Which is money I could earn in three months as a building constructor.

Working only three months as a building constructor is not an option, but as a Mason, it wouldn’t be a problem. 

I can finance one year of sailing by working for 3-4 months.

In the meantime, my portfolio will compound into +50 years of living expenses when I become 65 years. 

A Mini-Retirement is Cheap

Mini Retirements are way less expensive than a normal vacation. Just like everyday living, going on a trip can be broken down into three major expenses.

  1. Transport
  2. Food
  3. Housing 

Transportation includes flying and going around in the country. When you travel for an extended period, you can choose to go there when the airplane tickets are less expensive than in season.

And when you have several months of traveling you are not in the same hurry as a normal tourist so you can either walk or rent a cheap vehicle to get around. 

Food can be done ridiculously cheap in some countries. In the Philippines, it can be done for less than 100 $/month.

When I was leaving the Philippines I invited three of my local friends out for nice food and all the beer that they could drink. Even that cost less than 100 $. 

Housing can also be super cheap. What is cheap for many people from the west, can be expensive for the locals.

Getting an apartment in major cities can be done for less than 500 $/month. I did a private room in a hostel for the two months I was in the Philippines and paid 500 $/month. 

So if you go to a place cheaper than your home country it will be a lot cheaper being on the road, rather than living your everyday life back home. 

I never spent more than 1500 $/month the two months I lived in the Philippines. And I didn’t pay any attention to spending. 

Be Creative

When you have +3 months to travel another good way to decrease your living expenses is to get a job. 

There are several ways you can do this: 

  1. Get a fun job 

Get a job that does pay something, but the main reason you are doing it is that it is fun. 

It could be:

  • Bartending 
  • Cooking
  • Diving instructor
  • Ski instructor

This can also provide a please or even a free place to live. And if you are into beers, bartending is a great way to eliminate expenses. 

  • Volunteer

Volunteering might be one of the best solutions to cut your housing and food expenses to zero. While it can be the most fulfilling at the same time. 

Doing stuff for free to help other people is underrated. I would encourage you to try it. 

Go for a Mini Retirement in 2021 

If you are new to FIRE and you are still working on saving and investing your first 100.000 $, then continue on that journey. 

If you are a couple of years into claiming your freedom, I will encourage you to go for a couple of months in 2021. It doesn’t have to be outside of the borders of your home country. 

Attend a school where you can learn a new craft. Or if you are into sports, try going “pro” in that for a short period. 

Explore how it feels not to work. It will either make you hungry for more and speed up your FIRE process.

Or it will make you miss your colleague’s and your old work. Which will make your work more enjoyable. 

It’s a win-win! 

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My Kakeibo Experiment, Part 1

Measuring our finances is one of the best habits we can develop. 

And to be honest, I’m not very keen on it. Living in Asia for a couple of months is not necessarily that cheap. So when I couldn’t figure out where all of my money was going, I decided to start tracking it.

When I was on the boat in the Philippines I was listening to the audiobook of “Your Money Or Your Life” (for the third time). They suggest that you track every cent there is going in and out of your life. By doing so. You should be able to reduce your spending by a minimum of 20 % in three months.

That was my call.

When I asked the big old fellas Google on how I should do it, the answer was the following:

KAKEIBO. (Pronounced Kah-Keh-Boh)

What Is Kakeibo?

Kakeibo was invented by the first Japanese female journalist Motoko Hani, in 1904. I fell in love with Kakeibo because it is so simple. It is like a bullet journal for your finances.

How To Do It

Kakeibo suggests that you use a pen and paper to write down your finances. And I really like that. It makes every transaction more mindful. You have to put it down on a paper, with your own handwriting, which makes you think about that transaction more than if it showed up on an app.

What I do is that I have a note on my phone, and every time I buy something I write it down in the note. So when that list starts to creep up. I write them down in a notebook and delete them from the phone.

The Start of Every Month

The first thing you do when the month starts is to have a look at fixed income and expenses, and list them up.

It could look something like this: 


  • Work – 2.500 $
  • Sold my old PC – 200 $

Ongoing expenses:

  • Phone – 10 $
  • Internet – 20 $
  • Insurance – 200 $
  • Gym membership – 20 $

And so on.

During The Month

From there, I write every purchase down on my notebook on the phone. And when it creeps up, I transfer them to my notebook.

In the notebook, I also give the transactions a category.

The normal Kakeibo categories look like this: 

  1. Essentials
  2. Optional/Wants
  3. Unforeseen
  4. Cultural

I didn’t like the fourth category, and I think it belongs to the “Optional/Wants”, and I think there is a category missing for saving/investing. So I created my own categories.

Loui’s Kakeibo Categories:

  1. Essentials
  2. Optional/Wants
  3. Unforeseen
  4. Investing

From Hate to Enjoyment

I really hated starting on this project. I just didn’t feel like the idea of a habit that was so ongoing all of the time.

And at the start I hated it. Whenever I had made a purchase I thought it was super ignoring that I had to write it down. But as days went by, I kind of like the filled out notebook. I started to feel like I was in control. 

My March Month

March was a hectic month. I was in the Philippines about to go back on the boat I was sailing in November and December. But this time as a skipper. I started to get a bit bored where I was, so I decided to visit a friend from Copenhagen who was on a vacation in Bangkok.

All that was in the middle of this Corona pandemic. So there was a lot of talking back and forward on whether we should go home or not.

The numbers total numbers in March looks like this:

  1. Category = 5.713 DKK (836 $)
  2. Category = 7.889 DKK (1.155 $)
  3. Category = 558 DKK (81 $)
  4. Category = 0 DKK

Total 14.160* DKK (2074 $)

As you can see, category two is the biggest of them all. Which is the “Optional/Wants” category. This category is the one I would like to be zero each month. Whenever there is a dollar in that category it means that I have spoiled myself in some way. Which I most of the time doesn’t think is worth the money.

* This is ONLY my spending during the month. It does not include my apartment rent.

My Criteria for Success

I have promised myself to do it for at least three months, but I kind of like so much already that I can imagine myself doing it for the rest of my life. It is such a good feeling to know exactly where your money is going.

But I have made some statistics on how a typical spending day look for me. By doing that, I can easily set myself up for doing better the next month, because I know how many transactions I make in a day, what the average transaction is and how much I have spent on an average day.

The statistics look like this: 

Average Spending on a day = 456 DKK (68 $)

Average spending per transaction = 186 DKK (27 $)

Average transactions a day = 2.45

Then it should be super easy for me to make progress because I know if I can:

  • Make less than 2 transactions a day
  • Make the transactions less than 186 DKK (27 $)

I should be good to go!

Aprils Averages

Things are going great! I’m in the countryside on Langeland (Long Island), and the only spending I do is grocery shopping. That shopping can creep up too since I like to cook a nice dish AND make a pre-dinner whiskey sour. But it is still way less than the last month.

The averages so far looks like this:

Average daily spending = 73 DKK (11 $) – Improvement: 524 %

Average spending per transaction = 176 DKK (26 $) – Improvement: 7 %

Average transactions a day = 0.41 – Improvement: 519 %

Stay tuned, to see if I can keep up this great improvement.

Write Me!

I’m eager to help you out on your minimalism and financial independence journey! Write me and tell me about how you are doing, or what problems you may have.


Telephone: +4571792322

And I’m Off!

This the day that I will be leaving for my 10 month long mini retirement in Asia. The last couple of days I have been racing around town to find stuff that I need for the trip. Visiting doctors. Saying “See-ya” to friends and family.

The previous week I ended up in hospital for five days, because I had an infected knee. So know I will be leaving my home country Denmark, while I’m still on antibiotics, but I don’t worry to much about that. Being at the hospital didn’t make the previous days less stressful. My time schedule was already quite ambitious. So staying in bed for five days was far from ideal.

Doing Stuff That Scares Me

For a long time I have been excited to go on this trip. But for the last month is has scared the shit out of me. I often find myself doing stuff that I get so freaking nervous about, and like everyone else. I hate being nervous. But I have come the conclusion that it makes me feel alive.

I was always super nervous when I rowed, but I ended up doing that for 10 years.

Now I find myself competing in brazilian jiu jitsu. Which is even more terrifying than rowing. Because your opponent will try to choke that shit out of you.

And in four months, I’m going to be a skipper of a boat. Sailing in countries I haven’t been in before. With people I don’t know. It scares the shit out of me.

But proving that you can beat the other guys in a rowing boat. Or choking the other guys in BJJ. Or sailing across oceans you haven’t been sailing before. Is to prove to yourself that you are capable of doing things that you didn’t think was possible. And if that doesn’t make you feel alive. I don’t know what will.

Blogging With No Internet?

This blog will be the main place I will make updates on my mini retirement. But there will be periods where you will find me several nauticals miles from shore. Which means. I won’t have any wifi.
Besides that! I will do my very best to keep this blog updated.

Visiting Sardinia in My Mini Retirement

In Sardinia Prepping Boat

The other day I travelled from Copenhagen to Sardinia with other crew members of the mOcean team.

We went to Sardinia because they have a newly bought boat down here which is going to sail the atlantic ocean, and then the pacific ocean, in order to sail around with the boat I’m going to be a captain on down in the pacifics.

My “Job” Down Here

Is to teach the other guys how to sail this 51 feet Jenneau Sun Odyssey. And to take a look at the boat, and see how all the of the sailing mechanics is doing.

We spent the first couple of days by running through the entire boat. And then we moved on to do some small jobs before dinner, and after dinner we headed to the sea to see how she is doing at sea.

Meanwhile we are sailing, me and Alfred (grandkid of a famous danish sailor named Troels Kløvedal) is teaching the other guys all we know about sailing.

Being A Part of the Elite

While “elite” is a strong word.

Being able to do a mini retirement, and do another thing I love fulltime. (Hint, it is sailing). I’m able to say “Yes” to these kind of projects.

When I’m able to do that. I put myself in a position where we find many of the “pros”. If we have a full time job, we can’t go for a + 3 months course, like I have been doing. And we can’t say yes to show up in Sardinia or in the pacific ocean.

Because I can say yes to these kind of things. I’m able to hang around with the best in this field. And slowly becoming one myself.

This can be done in every chosen field. Instead of sailing for the last couple of months, I could have been doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (another hobby of mine) full time in an exotic place, with the best trainers, and where I only needed to worry about the training. I would fast become pretty good at it, and suddenly hang out with some of the best in Denmark, if not the world.

Being able to take a mini retirement can open so many doors you wouldn’t even dare to dream about. Meeting new people, which knows other awesome people.

Do you dare to go on a mini retirement??

12 Days Sailing Around Denmark

My friend Magnus and I, trying to look cool.

I have just landed back from our “Denmark Around” trip.

It is a trip where we try to sail almost every part of Denmark. So there has been a lot of sailing. There is still a lot of harbors there hasn’t been discovered. But it still feels like that we have seen a great part of our country.

I have found a new love for our country. All of the small islands we have, is freaking awesome. And I would love to make summer sailing raids here in Denmark every year. I even consider moving to one of them. They actually have a society, where everybody knows each other. Back in Copenhagen I don’t even know my neighbor.

The route looked like this:

12 days – 11 harbors

We only had one day where we didn’t sail. Which means that we ended up sailing a bit above 300 nautical miles.

One of the raids in the pacific ocean are we only going to sail 350 nautical miles in two months. Some of the other raids has more. But we are not going to sail as much as we did on this trip.

The harbors we went to:

  • Ballen – Samsø
  • Ebeltoft harbor
  • Anholt harbor
  • Aarhus harbor
  • Tunø Harbor
  • Juelsminde harbor
  • Middelfart harbor
  • Fænøsund (Anchoring)
  • Faaborg harbor
  • Marstal – Ærø
  • Skarø
  • Lundeborg (Night sailing)

Pictures From The Raid

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Ahoy! Mini Retirement In Sight!

So my 2019 and 2020 is going to be way different than I initially thought it would be.

I do not have one, but two mini retirements in sight.

The decisions I have made is with super mixed emotions. On one hand I look so much forward to do it, on the other hand I see all of the “downsides” and potential “risks” of doing so.

From April 2019 and until September 2020 I’m going to take a year off from work.

I have never done anything like this. I started rowing when I was 19 years old (I’m 28 years today). So the last 10 years of my life has been all about competitive rowing, and some work. There has not been much time off during my adult decade. I have been travelling a lot with rowing, and I feel very privileged that I have had all of those experiences.

But compared to how my other friends have been travelling. My travelling has been a bit more boring. It is not unusual that a rowing season has between 60-100 days of traveling. But often we would go to some places that we had been before. And the places always involved a big lake. We would stay at this lake for the entire trip, with a weekly half day off, to do some sightseeing.

So even if we got to a place for the first time, it was pretty much the usual stuff.

Sometimes we had a cross country skiing camp which I loved! It was different and fun. But it was not every year we went on that camp. And boy it was a tough camp.

1# Mini Retirement

This was not at all planed.

As the avid reader knows, I work in the construction sector. I make construction models on large buildings, and go on site to make sure that they have made it as I have drawn. The thing is. Working in construction sector is a volatile job. Sometimes there is too much work, and other times there ain’t so much. This means it is not unusual to get fired semi often. Which happen to me about three weeks ago. This is my very first time experiencing it as a building constructor, but I have tried it several times as a mason.

The “luxury” of getting fired as a building constructor is that I have three months of salary where I can do whatever I want. As a mason I had two days. Yikes!

The three months of salary has made room for my first mini retirement.

Which is a three months sailing course on a folk high school*. 

So from april to start july you will find me at Oure folk high school. Cruising in ships, training my ass off, drinking some beers, see if I can find a brazilian jiu jitsu gym and just have an awesome time.

2# Mini Retirement

2# retirement is not that “Mini”.

This retirement is the reason why I will go on the first one.

I have applied for a “job” to become captain on a 50 feet sailing boat cruising around in the Philippines and Indonesia. Which I got.

The company is super cool, you can take a look at it here.

It is close to be a volunteering “job”. But as I see it, it is more like a 10 month free vacation.

In november 2019 I will go to Sorong in Indonesia. From there I will board the boat “Orbit” as a guest. There will be another captain from november to february. What I will be doing in that period is to dive everyday. I have to get 100 dives in order to become a dive instructor. Which is a must as crew of the boat. And then the captain will teach me all of the things that he knows about the boat.

In february 2020 we will get the boat out of the water in the Philippines. Renovate it. And the captain will go home, and I will board the boat as the new captain.

I will have three sets of guest from february 2020 to september 2020.

My Worries

My first retirement is about 10 days from now. And I can slightly feel some worries luring around the corner.

Too Old For a Folk High School?

I’m 28 years now, and I don’t know why. But I really dread that if I end up with a punch of kids in their late teenage years. I know it sounds silly but that’s a concern that suddenly came to my mind.

Goodbye Olympic Dreams

This is one of major worries. Whenever you say yes to something, you also say no to another thing. And by sailing so much. I’m not going to be a part of the team for the Olympic qualifications. The truth is that I got kicked off the national team in november 2018. But I have tried that before and worked my way back again. But as the Olympics come closer, the window of getting back in the boat is getting smaller and smaller. So it becomes harder and harder for me to claim a seat in a boat.

I have not completely retired myself from competitive rowing. I could see myself aiming for the 2024 Olympics if I felt like doing so. But it is with mixed emotions that I have decided to say yes for another great opportunity.

Do I Enjoy Sailing That Much?

This is also a ridiculous thing to “worry” about. Because I do love sailing. But I have never been away more than a couple of weeks with my dad, sister and stepmom. This time I’m going to be away for almost a year, with about 5 x 10 different people I do not know, on tiny boat. Problems will occur. And there will be people I like more than others. This time I will be the one dealing with the problems and not my dad. (He is the captain whenever we sail together)

No Income For 10 Months

When I go for my second retirement. I won’t have any income. It is not going to cost me anything either. But my contributions to my investment account is going to be about 120.000 DKK (18.000 $) less than if I just would have worked.

What If a Recession Occurs?

Recessions are a really good buying opportunity. What if I end up buying all the way to the top, to then go away for 10 months and not buying while the markets is on sale? That would be kind of ignoring.

999 out of 1000 Worries

The thing is with worries. Almost none of them is going to happen. And the ones that do happen, is not going to be as bad as we thought they would be.

So no need to worry.


However, My Former Boss is the Shit

The other day my old boss reached out to me because he heard that I got fired from my job. He has now started his own business and has become 40 employees in less than two years.

He wanted me on board.

He is the best boss ever, so I would love to go work for him again. But I told him about all of my sailing plans. And he completely understood why I wanted to do it.

He is a former Olympic sailor and is still an avid sailor, winning all sorts of World Championships and similar.

He would do his very best to see if he had some work for me between my two “retirements” and if I did a great job during those months. He couldn’t see why there shouldn’t be a job for me when I come back from the trip in September 2020.

What can I say? He is the bomb.

Wannabe Walden is Coming on Water.