School Project Video On FIRE

For a month ago I said yes to participate in two young boys school project about financial independence. I said yes, because I know how important the youth is. In every single rowing club I know, the future success of the clubs determines on how big (and good) of a youth department they have. All … Continue reading “School Project Video On FIRE”

My Wife Doesn’t Like FIRE?! Answered by Jacob Lund Fisker

I love when people is hitting the head on the nail. And I think that Jacob Lund Fisker really did that the other day in the FIREdanmark facebook group. And is worth sharing with the entire world. FIREdanmark is a facebook group started by the danish blog Frinans. That forum is a group of danish … Continue reading “My Wife Doesn’t Like FIRE?! Answered by Jacob Lund Fisker”

3# and Final Update: Sub 1000 $

As everything else will pass. So has January. Read about the challenge here. And read about the 1# here And the 2# update here. And it is time to reveal if I have accomplished my challenge to live below 1000 $ for one month. And you know what? I failed. I didn’t accomplish to spent … Continue reading “3# and Final Update: Sub 1000 $”