My Kakeibo Experiment, Part Three (Final)

My Kakeibo Experiment, Part One

My Kakeibo Experiment, Part Two

I did this experiment because I read in Your Money or Your Life that you could cut your expenses at least 20 % by keeping note of every cent that goes in and out of your life.

So I wanted to do a three months experiment to see if that claim was true.


In May I had the following spending in the four categories:

Category 1 (Necessities) = 2.425 DKK (231 $)

Category 2 (Wants) = 1.874 DKK (134 $)

Category 3 (Unforeseen) = 0 DKK

Category 4 (Investing) = 30.000 DKK

Total spending = 4.299 DKK (432 $)

The Averages

Average amount pr. transaction = 195 DKK (24 $)

Average amount pr. day = 139 DKK (14 $)

Average transaction/day = 0,7

The Comparison

Catapril 2020march 2020may 2020% Improvement
april 20′march 20′may 20′% Improvement
Amount pr. trans186161195-5
Amount pr. day45697139228

To Summarize

Did I improve more than 20 %??

Oh yes, I did! 

From my worst month (April) to the previous month I improved 228 % on average. And I improved 321 % in category 2 which is the “Wants” category I would like to have close to zero spendings in.

Go ahead and try it yourself. Let me know if you can improve at least 20 % as well!

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