My Kakeibo Experiment, Part Two

If you read the headline and think: “What the f*** is Kakeibo?!”

Then go and read Part One first. It has been amazing how big of an impact it has done to my finances that I started to take note of every cent. Even though there is a big difference in living in Asia, and couch surfing in Denmark. I’m still convinced that this single habit is the best to stay on top of your finances.

The Categories

To summarize. I have four categories that give to my expenses.

  1. Essentials
  2. Optional/Wants
  3. Unforeseen
  4. Investing

The Spending

In April I had the following spending in the four categories:

Category 1 = 1.552 DKK (231 $)

Category 2 = 899 DKK (134 $)

Category 3 = 450 DKK (67 $)

Category 4 = 0 DKK

Total spending = 2.901 DKK (432 $)

The Averages

Average amount pr. transaction = 161 DKK (24 $)

Average amount pr. day = 96.7 DKK (14 $)

Average transaction/day = 0,6

The Comparison

CatApril 2020March 2020% Improv.
AveragesApril 2020March 2020% Improv.
Amount pr. trans18616116
Amount pr. day45697370

Couch Surfing and Cooking

It seems like it is way cheaper to cook for people to borrow their couch. That is what I have been doing the last month. Visiting family and friends in every corner of the country, and just showing up with a bag of food (and beer) and do some cooking.

Category 2 is the one that I would like to keep as low as possible. Preferably 0. But a 778 % improvement is a quantum leap!

And a 370 % improvement on my “Amount pr. day” isn’t that shabby either. 

Tomorrow I will do 13 days of sailing in Denmark with two of my friends. And I think that will have an impact on this project.

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