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This site will show you some the books I find the most awesome. All of them is affiliate links. So if you would like to buy one of them, please use on of the links, and you will support this site by a small amount. I would never promote something that I didn’t find helpful, so you have my guarantee that the content will be life changing.

I will keep adding books in here I find recommendable.


Walden: This book is what this whole blog is about. It was written in 1854. The author Henry Thoreau went to live in woods for two years, and wrote about the life out there. The biggest takeaway from this book is that our freedom is right in front of us, if we just live a simple life. If we would like to take part in what we call a “normal life” we give up on our freedom. And maybe even happiness? The best of all, the kindle edition is FREE.

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”Henry David Thoreau


Your Money or Your Life: Is one of the most awesome books when it comes to financial independence. The original book was published in 1992. And I think it might be on of the first books covering the whole FIRE concept. But a 2018 edition has just been published. This would be the first one that I would read if I would like to know about the FIRE concept.




Early Retirement Extreme: The bible of early retirement. No more no less. But the book is extreme. The author Jacob Lund Fisker recommends having a +75% savings rate. But if you are ready to make a radical shift in your life, this is the book to one.

And hey! Then he is danish, just like me!



The Millionaire Next Door: If you are into graphs and statistics about how wealth is created. This book is for you. It was published in 1996. The author would like to figure out how a millionaires was created. And the findings are super interesting. Wealth was not created by fancy CEO titles, but by having a “normal” job/business, living frugally, living in the same medium-sized house and driving used cars. Really worth a read.



Lifecycle Investing: If you are told that leverage stock investments is to risky, this book will tell you otherwise. It will show you how a leveraged approach to investing as young is actually less risky than traditional investing. If you would like to have more money, less risk, and untraditional advice. This book is for you. It is need for everyone though!