I’m eager to spread the word about minimalism, financial independence and living a life you want.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a speaking budget. Write me anyway, and I’m sure we can figure something out. I just want the word to be spread.

No place is too small for me to come and speak.


“Loui was a fresh and inspiring input to our students. Through his unique approach to life; he made them think about their own lives and futures.”

Christian Shepherd, Philosophy Teacher, Oure Højskole

Upcoming Schedule

  • August 12th – Oure Højskole
  • August 19th – Egå Ungdomshøjskole
  • September 8th – Brandbjerg Højskole
  • October 7th – Albertslund Ungecenter
  • October 27th – Askov Højskole
  • October 29th – Absalon Skole
  • November 2nd – Gørlev Efterskole
  • November 12th – Flakkebjerg Efterskole
  • December 16th – Gudum Højskole
  • April 15th – Struer Højskole
  • April 22th – Aalborg Sportshøjskole
  • July 1st – Struer Højskole

Feel Free to Contact Me

Write or call me on the following:


Phone: +45 71792322