1# My Monthly Financial Independence Update

I thought it would be fun to share how far I have come with my financial independence project. I have always enjoyed watching other people’s numbers. And here I am. About to do one myself.

I have never understood why personal finance should be a tabu. But I can feel there is a slight resistance in me. Telling me that I shouldn’t tell everyone about my finances.

But here it goes:


This is how my allocation looks like September 2018.

I have about 465.000 DKK (72.500 USD) invested in stock index funds. Where 125.000 DKK (19.500 USD) is money I have borrowed to a rate of 1%.

And 58.000 DKK (9.000 USD) in cash.

My first goal is to have a SWR on 7% on my 110.000 DKK/year budget. Which is about 1.600.000 DKK (250.000 USD).

523.000 DKK / 1.600.000 DKK = 32,6 %

If I continue the way that I save, invest and borrow. I will hit my 1.600.000 DKK in about 36 months from now.

This month savings rate was at about 78 %. Which is quiet high for me. I have a 3 year rolling savings rate of 58 %.

This month I have chosen “only” to invest 5.000 DKK and leverage it with another 5.000 DKK so in total 10.000 DKK (1.500 USD). Because I would like to have som surplus cash when the market is going to tumble.

Never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


5 thoughts on “1# My Monthly Financial Independence Update”

  1. Hi Walden,

    when is the market going to tumble? 😛
    Nobody knows, but everyone seems to be talking about it (expecting it) these days.
    In your opinion. A free guess. When?…

    Thanks for letting us follow your progress, and your thoughts on FIRE 😉

    1. Haha, nice question.
      I will give you a vague answer and say within two years.
      But if you are young, you should look forward to it. Then we can buy shares on sale.
      All the best

      1. Hehe, thanks for the answer – I tend to agree with you.

        So, what I don’t understand is, if you believe that a crash is imminent within the next 2 years, how do you plan to “cash-out” in time, when you are almost fully invested in stocks alone?
        Are you considering going into other asset classes as well?

        1. No I’m not looking at other asset classes. At the moment I think it is hard to find any good investments. Bonds seems to be pretty expensive, real estate here in Denmark is also in the high end. If I wanted to I could look into crowdfunding, but I would rather have some cash to buy stocks when the stock market tumble.

          I do not believe much in market timing, so I try not to. I will keep buying into to the stock market, but I will make sure to have some extra cash, when the shares will cost less than what I have previously paid for them.

          I invest because I need that portfolio to pay me 50+ years from now. And it will not make a huge difference 20 years from now if I try to time the market now.

          Cool blog you, have for the record!

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