23# My Monthly Financial Independence Update

Stocks & Coast FIRE ('000)

This month savings rate: 77 %

12-month rolling expenses: 96.000 DKK (15.200 $)

My Coast FIRE number: 5.438.000 DKK (751.000$) or 57 years of living expenses.

7 Speaking Gigs

Here is the update. Better late than never. It is late because I’m working hard on a presentation for 7 speaking jobs in the next couple of months.

The majority of the speaking will be on schools. Which I look forward to. I would have loved as a young adult to get all of the FIRE knowledge as soon as possible. I know it would have been a game changer for my FIRE journey if someone has taught it to me as a teenager.

I got all this information as a 25 year old. And I’m super glad I didn’t get to know it as a 60 year old.

So that is why I have made a mission to teach young kids the philosophy and math lesson that every kid should have in school about finances, investing and environmental consuming.

For the next two weeks I will be sailing around in Denmark to the different speeches.

You can write me at Loui@wannabewalden.com, if you would like me to come and speak at your place too.

Looking Into Buying a Vacation House

Without going too much in details about my researching. I’m about to buy a vacation house. Not for pleasure, but business.

This vacation house is a hidden gem. The owner has not used it for 15+ years and it looks miserable. But it is the perfect buy for a guy like me, with a background in the construction business.

The owner is willing to sell for around 100.000 DKK (15.000$), and the neighbor house has just been sold for 800.000 DKK (126.000 $). So with a bit of renovation I might be able to sell a brand new vacation house for +900.000 DKK (140.000$).

Stay tuned.


Ready for the WWW?

Slowly I have started to make some progress on the:

Wannabe Walden Workshop.

It will be for you who would like to get started with investing and simplifying your life. But has a hard time to start doing so.

And! The first couple of workshops will come at a starting price of 100 DKK (15 $).

It will include:

  • Insights in my portfolio and investment Philosophy
  • A private Facebook group
  • Invitations for yearly meet-ups
  • A forum where there is room for “stupid” questions
  • You will make your first investment

Stay tuned.

Thanks To My Sponsor

Again again again.

Thanks to my sponsor Vilebo.dk for sponsoring!

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  1. Hvordan kommer du frem til dit Coast-FIRE-nummer? Jeg synes ikke, jeg kan finde forklaringen via linket.

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