22# My Monthly Financial Independence Update

This month savings rate: 67 %

12-month rolling expenses: 102.000 DKK (15.500 $)

My Coast FIRE number: 5.438.000 DKK (751.000$) or 54 years of living expenses.

Light Brush Up For The Updates

I have made a little change to the graphics of my monthly updates. I want to emphasize the power of Coast FIRE, and that is why I have removed everything except for the blue line which is my current net worth in stocks.

The red line is my current net worth but with a 7 % ROI till the day I’m 65 years old. Most of the people I know who have “reached” FIRE don’t spend any of their money from the portfolio. If that is the trend. Why should we spend years and years to save up for the magical 25 times your annual spending, if you are not even using them?

Let the money do the heavy lifting instead.

Traveling Around in Denmark

I’m still on welfare (Dagpenge) and is just going around in Denmark. Either by train or by boat.

I have just bought a spot for my boat on Ærø – Ærøskøbing. So that is my base at the moment. But you can find me all over the country at the moment. The island community is something I love. Visiting all of the fine islands we by boat is something that I enjoy.

Data You Miss?

Let me know if there is some data in the monthly updates you think I can add. It could be my expenses, savings rate, or something third.

Thanks To My Sponsor

Again again.

Thanks to my sponsor Vilebo.dk for sponsoring again!

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