If I Lived in a House Hack…

I moved to Copenhagen in 2009, because I had to start as a mason apprentice. The first apartment I lived in was one of my parent’s friends. He told me that I could stay there for three months to two years. So I thought to myself:  “It must be a bit more than three months, … Continue reading “If I Lived in a House Hack…”

Coast FIRE – Ever Heard of That?

The other day I learned a new term – Coast FIRE. The traditional way of chasing FIRE is to have all of your expenses covered by a passive income, often in a stock index fund. We know that in order to have enough for the rest of our lives, we need to have 20-25 times … Continue reading “Coast FIRE – Ever Heard of That?”

Cut the Period You Reach FIRE in Half, Book Review

I have never read a book from cover to cover before I turned 21 years. But reading since then has change my life radical. Being able to learn from the best minds in this world is something I love. A book can be distilled knowledge from people who have researched a topic their entire life. … Continue reading “Cut the Period You Reach FIRE in Half, Book Review”

How Much Money Is Enough? Fuck the 4 % rule.

I often read blog posts on how people are retiring with 1.000.000 USD and then live off 40.000 USD/Year. Put it another way. They stick to the 4 % rule. There has been made a study called “The Trinity Study”. Which is often referred to in the FIRE community. They took a close look on … Continue reading “How Much Money Is Enough? Fuck the 4 % rule.”

How I’m Retiring in 5 years or Less, and How You Can Too

Why should everyone try to become financial independent? Whenever I tell people that I will retire in a couple of years they get excited. But whenever I tell them how I do it. They think it is to extreme. You know what I think is extreme? To work at the same desk for 30 + … Continue reading “How I’m Retiring in 5 years or Less, and How You Can Too”