No More Monthly Updates (But It’s Getting Better)

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The other day I stumbled across this awesome blog.

And they made me want to give this site a little brush-up.

Loved Coast FIRE, But No Plan

I think that Money Flamingo has found a sweet spot between financial independence, life, and work. 

You can boil their plan down to four simple steps:

  • Work full time, and get to 12.5 your annual spending invested
  • Go part-time for 10 years and reach 25 your annual spending
  • FIRE (Optional)
  • Traditional Retirement (Optional)

What I love about that plan is that it takes the best from both worlds.

Firstly, reaching the first milestone of 12.5 years. If you start from scratch and save 60 % of your income, it can then be done in 7.1 years.

Secondly, going part-time when you are halfway through financial independence can give you a ton of time while you are still young.

I know many people who have to reach financial independence, but almost all of them still work. So why wait?

And it also makes compound interest do the hard work for you!

Thirdly, you will still be financially independent in no time compared to what we consider as a normal working life from age 25 to +70.

My New Plan

Deeply inspired by Money Flamingo, I have made some plans myself.

I think that the 25 times your annual spending (aka. 4 % rule), is a bit conservative. I’m more a “20-times-your-annual-spending-guy” (5 % SWR).

So this is how my plan looks like:

  • Work full time and get to 10 times my annual spending
  • Go part-time for 10 years, and declare myself financial independent with 20 times my annual spending
  • FIRE (Optional)
  • Traditional Retirement (Optional)

I have even given my new plan a name…..

(Every single FIRE approach should have a name…. not)


The 10x Journey

(Please let me know if you have a better name for it)

And this page is the reason why I won’t be making any new monthly updates.

What I will do instead is that I will update this page every month. And I will probably refer to it a lot in my future writings.

This page is making my plan crystal clear, and it is super easy to start following yourself!

I hope that you will jump along, and ride the 10x journey with me!


In conclusion, if you start this plan with no money to your name today, you will be done with the first stage in 4.7 years if you invest 65 % of your income!

Now that is a short full-time career!

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