The Backwards Law

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Wanting a positive experience is a negative experience, accepting a negative experience is a positive experience.

Alan Watts

The Backwards Law

The more we want something, the more we remind ourselves that we lack it in the first place.

And we will keep pushing our desires away from us, because of that lacking feeling.

When you strive to be happy, you will remind yourself that you are unhappy.

When you strive to be rich, you will always feel poor.

When you strive to feel hot, you will always feel ugly.

My Backwards Law

The young and promising Loui was always eager to be wealthy, and because of that, I sucked at money.

I always had debt.

It wasn’t until I read that life could be different if you could settle for less.

Moreover, it is when you realize that less isn’t the same as compromising your happiness.

It enhances it.

The Backwards Law and Financial Independence

The less you want to spend money, the more you will have. And the quicker you will become financially independent.

Jacob Lund Fisker is the perfect example of that.

He spends 50.000 DKK/year (7.900 $), and has more than 100 times his annual spending, only because he doesn’t feel like buying stuff.


One way to strive for things is to know what is enough.

And when it comes to financial independence, I think the 10x journey is the perfect way to determine your “enough”.

It will set you up for financial independence but without it won’t take you 10+ years to reach it.

My Backwards Law Now

The single thing that all people have in common is that we want to be happy.

Applying the backward law on happiness is to know that you (in general) will never be happier than you are now.

So there is no reason to chase it and keep running around with a carrot on a stick taped to your back.

So in conclusion, I keep telling myself that happiness is not around the corner, which is a feeling of relief for me.

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