2 thoughts on “Quit The Rat Race”

  1. Congrats on your prime time television debut! ?
    I think it was a really good documentary. I think they captured the essence of FIRE quite well (except for the 30x your annual expenses part ? ), while still portraying how different you can choose to interpret, how to live with “the FIRE” ?

    I hope to see more of those kind of documentaries.

    I’m just curious, what’s your motivation for participating in these kind of TV shows? Is there an aspiring actor in you, or do you just prefer to be called upon when someone needs a “FIRE expert”? ?
    Next up, Go’ morgen Danmark maybe? ?

    1. Thank you Nick!

      I totally agree on the 30 times annual spending is way too conservative.

      My motivations is that I had super powerful feeling the first time I read the MMM blog. And if I can give the same experience to other people, that would be awesome! To tell them there is another way to live our lives.

      But being in a movie someday sounds like a lot fun! 🙂

      I have already been in Go’ aften Danmark. But I wouldn’t turn the morning show down if they asked me. 😉

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