The Subscription Anchor

Subscriptions can be a major player in trying to get ahead financially.

What can seem like a small amount of money, can be quite a lot when we multiply it by all of the months in the year.

My Subscriptions

  • Phone: 100 DKK
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: 500 DKK
  • Sailing club: 200 DKK
  • Boat Insurance: 20 DKK
  • SOS Børnenbyerne: 160 DKK
  • A-kasse: 470 DKK
  • Union: 400 DKK
  • Apartment Insurance: 300 DKK

In a total of 2150 DKK/Month (343 $)


2150 DKK x 12 months = 25.800 DKK/Year (4125 $)

That is more than 25 % of my yearly expenses. 


It’s Getting Worse

The first stage of my financial independence journey is to have 10 times my annual expenses invested.

Said another way.

All of my subscriptions requires:

25.800 DKK x 10 = 258.000 DKK

As I’m writing this I still need 338.510 DKK to hit my 10x goal.

This means, that if I canceled ALL of my subscriptions, then I wouldn’t need the 258.000 DKK and I would be 258.000 DKK closer to my 10x goal.

152 Days from 10x

If I canceled all of my subscriptions my 10x number would look like this:

966.000 DKK (Current 10x) – 258.000 (My 10x subscriptions) = 708.000 DKK

Since my current networth is 630.000 DKK, I would only need 78.000 DKK to hit my 10x goal.

I have been investing on average 15.800 DKK/month since I started my new job.

This means that I could be 152 days away from reaching my 10x goal.

What do you think? Should I quit all of my subscriptions?

4 thoughts on “The Subscription Anchor”

  1. -Pre-paid card, go for free wifi in the library.
    -Become a paid “Kungfu” 😉 trainer (maybe at a lower junior level), still getting exersice, stop being a student.
    -Rent out the boat, and push all costs to the renter. An asset has positive cash flow, a liability has a negative cash flow. Keep covered.
    -Sell an article or two to the union / a-kasse, about your finances, and make them pay you / free membership, for your contribution to the institution.
    -Rent out a bed to a roomy and push costs to the renter.

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