Help?! Should I Translate ?!

I’m seriously considering translating and starting to write in Danish instead.

But would love to hear your meaning.

What should I do?????????

Should I translate and start to write in Danish instead

8 thoughts on “Help?! Should I Translate ?!”

    1. Tak for dit svar Charlotte.
      Det har jeg nu fundet ud af at der mange der synes. Så det ender nok med at jeg oversætter det hele.

  1. This would be sad, because I like reading your blog…

    But like you told before, I would reach exactly the same level of happiness in my life. So write in the language you like best 😉

    1. Yeah! I’m sorry about that. It is with mixed emotions that I have decided to change the language.

      Appreciate you liked the writing so far.

  2. Hi Loui, how much of your traffic is coming from .dk?
    Mine is about 60%, so switching the language would mean I would potentially lose 40% of my audience.

    Then again, it might mean I’d gain a new audience that prefer Danish.

    Personally I don’t understand Danes that prefer Danish – but maybe I’m preconceived about how many Danes are actually comfortable reading/writing in English. I hope at least 80-90% of adult Danes are able to read English on the level that we are writing – but I could be horribly wrong 😛 Maybe it’s less?

    Anyway, the ones who are still interested can use Google Translate (to whatever language they prefer).

    1. Hi nick!

      My stats says that 80 % of my readers is danish.

      I have no clue why, but recently there has been more than 10 people asking me why I didn’t start to write in Danish instead.

      So now I’m switching. Hopefully it will be for the better. Its gonna be weird to found the same message with a new vocabulary.

      I will tell you how people respond in couple of months if you consider doing the same.

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