Why Living On a Boat Is One Of The Cheapest (and Awesome) Way To Live

Last month I did my biggest purchase in years. It might even be my most expensive purchase ever. I bought a boat.  The book I named this blog after (hint: its Walden), made a huge impression on me. The part of building a small cabin and living in the woods was super appealing to me. … Continue reading “Why Living On a Boat Is One Of The Cheapest (and Awesome) Way To Live”

My Kakeibo Experiment, Part Three (Final)

My Kakeibo Experiment, Part One My Kakeibo Experiment, Part Two I did this experiment because I read in Your Money or Your Life that you could cut your expenses at least 20 % by keeping note of every cent that goes in and out of your life. So I wanted to do a three months … Continue reading “My Kakeibo Experiment, Part Three (Final)”

Minimalism and Quarantine. Weekend Reads

Being back in Denmark isn’t that bad at all. The weather is super awesome, and I’m on the countryside on an island called Langeland (I call it Long Island). There is a lot time to read and binge watch inspiring movies. Here are some handpicked articles and videos I have enjoyed the last couple of … Continue reading “Minimalism and Quarantine. Weekend Reads”

Video Interview for Pernille Wahlgren

One of the awesome things of chasing FIRE is that I get to meet a lot of awesome people. One of them is Pernille Wahlgren, who is one of the most badass financial independent woman I know. She asked me if I wanted to do an interview for her online course. Here is a teaser … Continue reading “Video Interview for Pernille Wahlgren”

Why Consuming Less is More Important Than Politics

The other day we had a election for a new government in Denmark. And I’m really pleased about the result. It turns out that we get a new socialist government, which I think is good because they are the ones who focus most on the environment. I voted for a party called Alternativet because they … Continue reading “Why Consuming Less is More Important Than Politics”

School Project Video On FIRE

For a month ago I said yes to participate in two young boys school project about financial independence. I said yes, because I know how important the youth is. In every single rowing club I know, the future success of the clubs determines on how big (and good) of a youth department they have. All … Continue reading “School Project Video On FIRE”

The Minimalistic Way of: Pancakes

It is time for Wannabe Walden to write about a less critical topic. And how about a “recipe” for the most delicious, yet super simple pancakes? I have learned this “recipe” from a friend of mine from my rowing club. And I have made them every single day since the first time I got them. … Continue reading “The Minimalistic Way of: Pancakes”