The Minimalistic Way of: Eating

I have decided to make a series of different articles with the topic of minimalism. They will be called “The Minimalistic Way of:” and then I will dive into different topics. This article is about how we can have a more minimalistic approach to our eating habits. We all know that eating three meals a day … Continue reading “The Minimalistic Way of: Eating”

What If We Had Another 2008? (It will be fine)

As the avid reader might have read in my monthly FI updates. I write that I will reach my first big milestone of a 7 % withdrawal rate in about 3 years. I calculate this very simple. I divide my yearly spending 110.000 DKK (17.000 $) with 0,07 I look how big my portfolio is … Continue reading “What If We Had Another 2008? (It will be fine)”

How Imperfection Can Change Our Life For the Better

For many years I saw myself as a perfectionist. I wanted to do stuff better than the average joe. So I did my very best to do so. While this can be good to some extend. It can one of the biggest procrastination issues. We all the know the feeling of how we would like … Continue reading “How Imperfection Can Change Our Life For the Better”

2# My Monthly Financial Independence Update

The Quick Takeaways This month savings rate: 20 % This month leverage: N/A Rolling savings rate since February 2016: 56 % Total value of portfolio: 540.000 DKK (84.000 $) Years till I hit a 7 % SWR: 3.1 Years % Change since last month: 3.2 % So What The F*** Happen This Month This month has … Continue reading “2# My Monthly Financial Independence Update”

The Power of Gratitude, and Small Things

I have been practicing an elite athlete routine for almost a decade now. The most important takeaway I have from that decade is that everything is made through consistency. Consistency trumps everything. Not one single thing is more powerful than consistency.  I have always been a really impatient guy (And I still am to some … Continue reading “The Power of Gratitude, and Small Things”

Cut the Period You Reach FIRE in Half, Book Review

I have never read a book from cover to cover before I turned 21 years. But reading since then has change my life radical. Being able to learn from the best minds in this world is something I love. A book can be distilled knowledge from people who have researched a topic their entire life. … Continue reading “Cut the Period You Reach FIRE in Half, Book Review”